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World’s first BDFIG wind turbine is erected
1 April 2009
The world’s first wind turbine incorporating a Brushless Doubly-Fed Induction Generator (BDFIG) was erected in Cambridge, UK on 31 March 2009 . The turbine is a standard 20 kW Gazelle wind turbine, but is fitted with a BDFIG. The BDFIG offers low capital cost due to its fractionally rated inverter and brushless construction, as well as low maintenance requirements and high reliability. Its superior control system allows the wind turbine to track the maximum power line all time while adjusting the system power factor.
“This has been a great achievement for us. Our brushless generator technology is shown on a real wind turbine for the first time. We now have confidence in the design and operation of this low-cost and reliable generator.” said Ehsan Abdi, CEO of Wind Technologies; “We are very grateful to the East of England Development Agency, Renewables East and Cambridge University for their invaluable support on this project”.
The company is developing a 250 kW BDFIG which will prove the system performance on a large scale and confirm its viability for use in commercial wind farms. The tests are expected to commence in late 2011.

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