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Wind Technologies in UK Minister of Energy's Speech


12 June 2013


Michael Fallon, the UK Secretary of State for Energy and Business annouced the funding from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) to Wind Technologies at his speech at the opening of RenewableUK Offshore Wind Conference held in Manchester. The funding is part of DECC's Offshore Wind Component Technologies Development programme and will support the build and testing of a 5 MW medium-speed Brushless DFIG drivetain for offshore wind turbines. 


"Innovation in offshore wind also has the potential to deliver significant cost reductions" said Michael Fallon, the Secretary of State for Energy and Business. "I am therefore pleased to announce three innovation projects we are supporting as part of our Offshore Wind Components Technologies Scheme... Wind Technologies (Cambridge) have been awarded £728,355 grant to design, manufacture and test an innovative 5 MW medium-speed drivetrain concept". To hear the full speech, click here.


The project commenced in April 2013 and the 5 MW medium-speed Brushless DFIG is expected to complete testing in summer 2014.

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